This week in BizarroDevs: Watching the internet in real-time; an extreme alarm clock for iOS; learn about React hooks.

I also found some sweet animations of vintage books covers; a massive guide for site optimization; two important articles on Gutenberg for WordPress.
Psst: It will be here in 2 weeks.



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I'm not sure what to say...I guess 'sorry' should be in there somewhere.

Which digital technology best suits your personality:

  • Alexa/Siri style bot?
  • Text-based chatbot?
  • 3D avatar in a VR environment?

If you have strong thoughts on how your digital self should be immortalised, then tweet them at me.

As always, feel free to forward this to your nearest & dearest.

If you're seeing this for the first time, and you're not the Terminator, then sign-ups are held here. Every day.

I'm off to perform an eye-bleaching;

Have a great week,

Bizarro Devs