Let's celebrate love.

I have some controversial thoughts to add to the Logan Paul thing...I watched his early Vines and they aren't bad.

However, I'd always recommend WInamp as a nostalgic drug of choice. It's back. In JavaScript form. But still has the 'easy to wipe a carefully curated playlist' feature.

Possibly the hardest thing about love is finding the right words to express everything; the good news is that neural networks can be trained to give you the best options. Me love have.

Finally, after years of dominance, Facebook has had a rough couple of years. Fake news, unwitting election rigger and content woes are all covered in Wired's story.

Bizarro Devs  


Outro 🎤

That's another week of techie gossip and strangeness. Feel free to forward this to anyone who might need a break from the Winter Olympics.

Your best friend, Chris