It's been a few weeks since I sent the last newsletter. Let me just say European winters are tough. We don't have ice and snow in the Australian town I grew up in, so I walk on ice like Godzilla in a hurry. This year, I managed to slip on some ice and break my ankle.

But, I am back and ready to go. This week, check out MIT's predictions for ten breakthrough technologies that will change our lives.

We've also got some great tools for remote working and inspiration for anyone looking to make a difference using their creative skills. In the lighthearted section, we have a random lyric generator and a social network where you're the only human surrounded by adoring bots.



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Ten Must Read Links

  1. A couple of heroes algorithmically generated every possible melody and released them to the public domain.
  2. Now try and find a melody for this lyric: "If I go to Texas I want to make love to your corn rice". It was generated by this AI-powered lyric generator.
  3. A story about Botnet the social media network populated by you and adoring bots. You can find the app here.
  4. Beautiful Dingbats bring you a pattern generator. You can download your royalty-free patterns as SVG, JPEG, or PNG.
  5. How many hours a day do you spend scrolling through Netflix? This generator will pick a random film for you.
  6. My broken ankle meant that I didn't get to share this one about the Creative Changemakers event held in London. If you are looking for ways to use your creative skills in socially valuable projects, then this article will inspire you.
  7. Again, my ankle meant I missed out on a lot of WordPress news in February. This is all the important stuff in one place.
  8. Take some time and read about the awful things one Silicon Valley office manager has to live with. Once you reach a certain age, dumping dishes in the sink is a disorder.
  9. Working from home can actually be pretty tough. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has left many of us without an option. These 330 tools will help you make the adjustment.
  10. It was actually pretty difficult to track Open Peeps down but the funky illustrations were definitely worth the trouble.
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