Another week stuck indoors with a broken ankle means I had time to dive into different areas:

🌍 What's happening in Africa's startup scene. 🚫 How quarantined kids in Wuhan banded together against their homework app. ✍️ Writing usefully for users. πŸ™Š Why corporate language is so, so bad.



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Ten must see links of the week πŸ”—

  1. As part of the celebrations for International Women's Day, TIME magazine created 89 new covers to celebrate a woman of the year for every year since 1920.
  2. Wash your lyrics is a side project that creates handwashing infographics using your favorite song lyrics. It deserves a special shoutout for not having ads or any other monetizing options.
  3. A free tool for photo encryption and storage, Encrypt My Photos uses Blockstack technology to keep your images safe.
  4. A great article on web design for people living in data poverty.
  5. Quarantined kids in Wuhan gave their homework app bad ratings to get it kicked out of the app store. The app eventually went on social media to plead with them to stop. I'm pretty sure it was an adult masquerading as the app, but cute nonetheless.
  6. A web app that uses your camera and machine learning to help you stop touching your face.
  7. A great guide to writing usefully for anyone who creates documentation for users.
  8. Install WordPress on AWS.
  9. Some new media queries are coming and these are the most exciting. Some are already available.
  10. If you have worked in a corporation than you know all about the specific language they use. Tech startups are worse, but why do they do it?.
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