In my continued quest for distraction, I have returned to the kitchen. Not only is this a great way to spend some time but it also helps me feel on top of trends. I shared one of my favorite cooking schools alongside a long list of the other internet things I found to keep me busy during this period. I strongly recommend Paul F Tompkins "Peanut Brittle" bit. He is one of the most underrated comedians in the world.

Also this week:

🎥 The problems with Zoom and please switch to a different platform.
🐅 Funny Joe Exotic: The Movie castings.
💫 Great animations with CSS animation-delay and GSAP.
🌍 NASA's best images of Earth.



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The things that kept me busy this week🕴️

Food I've decided to combine my two favorite things; food and father-son time. Of all the IG cooking classes I have sampled, Scran School is one of my favorites and not just because they cover pizza and pasta in the first two weeks. I found other cooking shows demanded ingredients I'd struggle to find in perfect circumstances. Scran School feels closer to my level of preparedness. With that being said, it did turn out to be too advanced for my son, but older kids might like it. My son did learn to stir and he enjoys it very much.

Board games 2.0 This list has a bunch of online games based on famous board games like Monopoly, Catan, Scattergories, and so on.

Exercise Blogilates has been adding full-length workout videos on YouTube for ten years. With this in mind, there is something for everyone in the archive. The barrier to entry is low, so you don't need to be a gym rat to get something out of them.

Quick hits for Slack Six comedians share their favorite routines from other comedians. The list includes Paul F Tompkins' "Peanut Brittle" which I can't recommend enough.

Getty Museum's Twitter thread challenging people to recreate famous artwork with household objects. Look for The Simpsons in Rome.

Learning Another bunch of free university courses from Open Learning.

For the kids Audible, Scholastic, Bloomsbury, and J.K. Rowling have teamed up to bring you Harry Potter at home. It has wizardy videos, articles, quizzes, and puzzles. Better yet, you can also listen to Stephen Fry read The Philosopher's Stone. Worth the price of entry right there.

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⛓️ Ten Must See Links of the Month

  1. Running a remote team is more than setting up a webcam and software. This webinar has great tips for helping your team adjust from both the technical and personal standpoints.
  2. Working from home makes it harder to separate the work and the home bits. I have started using Time Cop to make sure my dual roles don't bleed into each other.
  3. The best NASA images of Earth.
  4. An AI-powered meme generator which covers all the classic memes. Some of them are genuinely funny.
  5. All the WordPress news from the past month.
  6. A list of the greatest pop stars from 1981 - 2019. An exhaustive list of popular music.
  7. Some funny potential castings for the Joe Exotic movie; photoshopped for posterity.
  8. A very nice GSAP animated poster.
  9. Free illustrations of people of color for your projects.
  10. Using animation-delay to have cool staggered effects
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