This week, I spent some time trying to figure out if my son is a genius or just lucky. Somehow he always manages to insert a USB cable the right side up. I tested it repeatedly.

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The things that kept me busy this week. 🕴️

Watching Amazon is weird. Amazon partnered with SXSW to release the SXSW 2020 festival films to all North American users. All you need is an account, and maybe a VPN, to watch them for free from April 27 until May 6.

Recipes It's going to be a while until I get back to the States to visit with a good meatball sub (and my family). So, I tried this harissa meatball pita because I like to imagine myself as both a fit man and a cook. Easily my greatest achievement.

What I'm trying to learn Front-end. I can barely spell CSS, so finding a good way to practice my limited skills is high on my agenda. This curated list of front-end challenges is perfect for level jumping. I have been looking at a lot of courses, so these tips on learning are very useful.

What I am actually spending time on Non-gaming Twitch channels. All I am going to say is Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Twenty. Four. Seven. Here but I am not responsible for anything.

WordPress online I am also spending a few hours at the free WP Feedback Virtual Summit. There are still two days of talks left covering eCommerce, mental health, SEO, and more.

Meditation I am not sure if I shared this in the past, but Balance is a meditation app that is fairly easy to get started with. They are currently offering a free year for new users.

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⛓️ Ten Must See Links of the Month

  1. Messi and Ronaldo deep faked into Shrek.
  2. The Eternal Jukebox generates an eternal, ever-changing version of a song.
  3. The unofficial pitch for a point and click Seinfeld game.
  4. Click baity? Sure, but the Pentagon released three UFO videos.
  5. This website will self-destruct if it doesn't get at least one message every 24 hours.
  6. Create blurred, invisible, or redacted text on your website using CSS.
  7. 10 ways to improve your mobile page speed.
  8. Some interesting ways to clear your terminal. If you're not using the steam train, then you're not living.
  9. How leading agency went 100% sustainable at work and home.
  10. For our friends in the US, the inside track on trading is what senators are trading.
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