I never thought I'd spend a few hours every workday saying "Buddy, you need to put your pants on". Adapting to a work from home life while raising a toddler has been a hell of a ride. I'm lucky I can take advantage of this opportunity, but I'd just as grateful if he was wearing pants.

This week:

🍔Fast-food classics you can make at home.
🤖Facebook's Reddit trained chatbot is more fun than a human.
🎧 Audio deepfakes create a rapped version of Shakespeare by Jay-Z.



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📰 From the Newsroom

The things that kept me busy this week. 🕴️

Social media tools Marco Polo might be a better way to keep in touch with your friends. It looks like a cool way to share short videos with people you miss without needing to schedule everything.

Workouts emailed to you three times a week with a full-body 29-minute routine each time. This might be worth a look.

Cheat day recipes If you're feeling a little wicked, then these fast-food at home recipes might hit the spot. Learn how to make a McGriddle, Chick-fil-a nuggets, and other culinary treats.

Banish resting Zoom face This video will show you how to set up a phone for Zoom the quality is much, much better. More Matthew, less Jabba.

Quizzes One thing that English people do better than anyone is quizzes. This site has new 2,5, and 10-minute quizzes every day.

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⛓️ Ten Must See Links of the Month

  1. A Jay-Z deepfake has him rapping Shakespeare. You need to jump on it fast, now that Jay-Z has initiated copyright strikes against the producer. Check out the entire channel for things like a deepfake of Baby Got Back "rapped" by Bill Clinton.
  2. The Pudding is one of the best sites on the internet for their data-visualizations, research, and design. Check out their latest which tests your knowledge of hit music from the past.
  3. Dark pattern design might be effective but, damn, is it annoying. The difficulty of achieving ethics in web design and how you can do it.
  4. A simple way to set up headless WordPress for faster sites.
  5. A very, very cool story of potatoes in Peru. Don't skip past. The way images, text, and video is integrated on the page is great.
  6. Are you one of the 100% of React users who finds it a challenging language? This is a novel approach to React problems and provides a good mental model for React work.
  7. The very latest in WordPress news.
  8. Kevin Kelly is a co-founder of Wired and his job title is Senior Maverick. Not bad. His 68 bits of unsolicited advice is full of wisdom.
  9. The Annual Preservation Month is entirely virtual. Thirty-one days of historical places you can view right from your laptop. Perfect for one of your thousand meetings that used to be quick emails.
  10. The 2020-21 meteor shower calendar.
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