This week, I have read the entire works of Paw Patrol and enjoyed the symphony of Puppy Dog Pals multiple times each. My son's obsession with cartoon dogs is surprising since he actually seems a little scared of our well-aged beagle, Jack. Happy birthday, Jackey 🎂

This week:

🖼️ Video conference backgrounds from the BBC.
🕵️ Did the CIA write a pop song?
🙏🏻 Hope quotes visualized as charts.



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📰 From the Newsroom

The things that kept me busy this week. 🕴️

Read less with this newsletter. Book Freak has short advice collected from books like 'Tips for Happiness' and 'Advice for Startups'.

Read more With reviews of 250 of the best adventure books, reading this list will keep you quite busy. Some of the books are available through Project Gutenberg.

Read news I switched from news websites to newsletters when I couldn't get any sleep after reading live blogs for hours. My personal favorite is The Morning News because it has an eclectic mix of news and stuff like The Office reimagined for Slack (see below).

Games A bunch of logic games free for iPhone and $2.99 for Android.

BBC backgrounds for video calls I thought the Studio Ghibli backgrounds were the pinnacle but these backgrounds from the Beeb are even better. My favorites: Fawlty Towers, The Young Ones, Blackadder, and Doctor Who.

Cooking A great list of 28 Salmon recipes. Not so great for the budget, but looking at the pictures is free.

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⛓️ Ten Must See Links of the Month

  1. A simulator of the controls used by NASA Astronauts to dock the SpaceX Dragon 2 vehicle with the International Space Station.
  2. You'll be surprised to see the flush toilet was the technological underdog for much of the 20th century in this graph of technology adoption.
  3. A podcast finally asks, did the CIA write the hit song 'Wind of Change'? There's an article on it here.
  4. If I could scroll 500 miles. This Chrome extension shows how many miles you scrolled on websites.
  5. Famous hope quotes as charts.
  6. An awesome flowfield art generator.
  7. Bored with CSS? Check out this hover made with clip-path and blends.
  8. Working from home could be a big win for the planet. Wholegrain Digital reveals the impact of the lockdown on their carbon emissions.
  9. Every episode of The Office US recreated in Slack.
  10. Climbs on soapbox Proof that all websites look the same.
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