This week marked the first time I have been able to walk the dog since I (we?) broke my ankle in February. He pulled as hard as he always did, so I guess he is confident I am back to full fitness. In other historically important news:

πŸ§‘β€πŸš€ SpaceX will be the first private space operator to launch astronauts into space.
🎼 Is there an ethical way to stream music?
πŸ—οΈ Instructions for building the best blanket fort.


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πŸ“° From the Newsroom

⛓️ Ten Must See Links of the Month

1. I don't think I have shared this before, but it's worthy of double-sharing anyway. Business Town is a comic that attempts to "explain our highly intangible, deeply disruptive, data-driven, venture-backed, gluten-free economic meritocracy to the uninitiated" using cute animals.

2. The Pudding has done it again. This guide to masked wrestlers is somehow even more fun than the music quiz.

3. IKEA Russia have instructions for building great forts.

4. Random mini-planets orbit around a planet in this playful pen. Increase and decrease the pull for fun.

5. Cheating with two links here. Love the transforms, particularly for the Instagram section, on this fashion website. Love the gooey effects on this one.

6. On that subject, why not devote some time to JS animation this year. Here are the best libraries to use.

7. I've decided to be a blog evangelist this year, since my blog rockstar moves are weak. The best, cheap hosting for WordPress.

8. Like your doughnuts warm? Check out this recently discovered fiery doughtnut-shaped galaxy.

9. This article is excellent for anyone working on a large project. How large? Spacious. The team analysed 65 million data points about estate agents to identify trends and compare estate agents in the UK. If you want to run projects, then I recommend checking it out.

10. Care Cards is a website with handy tips for bringing more well into your being.

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