This week, I am getting some help from Robert who found a bunch of intriguing links for you.

What did he find?

🚀 The skinny on SpaceX and private space travel.
🧠 The guide to attaining mastery.
💸 Taxes, the boardgame.


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📰 From the Newsroom

⛓️ Ten Must See Links of the Month

1. This year might have been the worst decade ever, but it might be a good time for dedicated practice. If you're looking to attain mastery, then this guide to mastery can help you get there sooner.
2. See all the photos taken from the ISS ever.
3. Coffee is the only reason I get out of bed, now I don't even have to leave the bedroom.
4. Your Taxes: The Board Game bringing fun to the torturous routine of labyrinthian paperwork.
5. Not to labor the point, but this year might have been the worst hundred years ever but maybe you could start a lil' side-hustle? Start a small business with help from this guide.
6. Pixel Jeff makes pixel art with a lo-fi vibe.
7. Big Heads helps you build cute avatars for apps and sites. You can even download them in SVG.
8. For anyone who can barely crawl with two fonts, a handy step-by-step guide for font pairing.
9. Lazy loading iframes is a powerful trick for anyone interested in performant websites.
10. Website builders for designers.

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