This month, we dragged in our first bizarro developer, Cosmin. He spent the month scouring the web for the most interesting news, tools, and numbers.

Look what he found:

👽 Not aliens, unfortunately.
🏎️ A traffic simulation game.
🏦 Tax deductions for bloggers.


Cosmin and Chris

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📰 From the Newsroom

⛓️ Ten Must See Links of the Month

  1. Just a traffic simulation game that just needs a "curse button" to be like the real thing.
  2. The 1001 albums generator will randomly select an album from 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.
  3. You had me at tax deductions. 11 expenses bloggers can claim.
  4. For web developers, Sustainable Web Design is a book that can help you build better websites (in every sense of the word) for your clients and your home planet.
  5. The biggest news in WordPress.
  6. Relive the Apollo missions in real-time. If you weren't on the soundstage when Kubrick made the originals, then this is a great way to enjoy all of the archived materials.
  7. This is what the internet should be. An animated feline co-worker who plays good coding music. Word of warning, turn the sound down a smidge.
  8. 10 billion pixel image of Girl with Pearl Earring.
  9. Let the calculations begin! 1587 free calculators.
  10. Deep dive into Spotify's new look.
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🧮 The numbers game

🎥 $25 million - the amount Apple paid for the streaming rights to CODA.
🏡 1,400 square feet - the amount of living space you get when you purchase the first commercially available 3D printed house.
🦎 13.5 mm - the length of the recently discovered nano-chameleon.
💰 26 years - the time it took Jeff Bezos to go from CEO of his garage to CEO of a $1.7 trillion company.

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Have a great month,
Chris & Cosmin

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