We do have another round of interesting, and sometimes weird, links for you today, and I'm going to share them in just a sec. But I just wanted to acknowledge the current situation before I do that.

We're forced to live in difficult times. We're all in equal parts shocked and concerned about what's going on in Ukraine, looking through news stories and tracking the latest predictions on what could happen next. We support the proud and brave people of Ukraine and hope that this invasion will end soon. 🇺🇦

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In this edition:

⛓️ Using Google Fonts on your site can get you in prison
🔫 Crypto's Bonnie and Clyde
🦟 Why drone delivery is still not a thing


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📰 From the Newsroom

⛓️ Ten Must See Links of the Month

  1. Cryptocurrency is officially mainstream. But that doesn't make it not a scam. So, is crypto a miracle or actually a scam?
  2. Speaking of crypto, there have been reports of $1.7 million in NFTs stolen in an apparent phishing attack on OpenSea users.
  3. Censorship has become an important topic these days, and especially if you live someplace where the government likes to know everything about you. Here's how to use Tor and Snowflake to circumvent censorship.
  4. AirTags are one of the coolest pieces of tech that got released in the last couple of years. Those small things can be invaluable when you want to find your keys, or your dog. But there's also a dark side.
  5. Owning a Swiss bank account feels like the ultimate symbol of status. The king of Jordan thinks that too.
  6. We all love that sweet iCloud / Google Drive storage, don't we? The more, the better! But maybe that's not the healthiest approach. Maybe the end of infinite data storage can set you free.
  7. Artificial intelligence is all around us. But not all of it is that intelligent after all. According to one guy, a robot bought his seven-year-old car for more than he paid brand-new.
  8. Amazon's bizarre bazaar: this is the strange final chapter for the tech giant's first bricks-and-mortar bookstore.
  9. So, apparently, gorillas freak out when Shaquille O'Neal comes near them. The Zoo Miami executive confirms.
  10. Should your next car be an EV? Ford certainly thinks so. The company doubles down on EV production in Europe with a $2 billion push.
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🎤 It’s How They Said It

Any bookmark worth more than a dollar is a waste of money because you could just use the dollar.

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🧮 The numbers game

  • 3,000 more workers are being fired by Better - the company that infamously fired 900 people over Zoom last year.
  • $111 million - the amount raised by Serena Williams' new venture.
  • All the shows (!) by Marvel are moving from Netflix to Disney Plus.
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