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This month, Tom stumbled across an open laptop with a blank document and decided to fill it with interesting (nay bizarre) stories from around the tech-based web. Here's what he found:

  • You can now get prescription lenses for your Virtual Reality (VR) headset 👁👁
  • Ah, so doctors can "holoport" to you now 🩺
  • First you get the Bitcoin, then you get the power… 💸

Enjoy, Tom

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📰 From the Newsroom

⛓️ Ten Must See Links of the Month

  1. Boston's Logan International Airport security decided a beat up PlayStation is enough of a threat to evacuate an entire terminal. Either that, or they wanted some peace while they played Elden Ring.
  2. Mushrooms are like, totally going to make it once they find a drummer. It turns out that the bio-electrical signals in mushrooms can produce cool electronica if you plug them into a synthesizer. There's no word on whether they use USB 2 or 3 ports.
  3. Hello there fellow kids! The FBI has an 83-page handbook on internet speak. ROTFL, that's dank (I think 🤷🏻‍♂️).
  4. Planets apparently emit a millisecond-long burst of radio waves as they die akin to a scream. So, that's, you know, emotionally crippling.
  5. If notification bells give you anxiety, why not let Google transfer this to typically calm-inducing actions such as tiny puffs of air? Well, you might soon be able to if you use ambient notifications.
  6. If the Boston Dynamics robot experiments teach us one thing, it's that we do not want mecha-feelings to exist. However, 3D fingertips for robots help make this more of a reality.
  7. Speaking of which, here is a creepy-crawly LEGO robot that does not need any further attention or experimental funding grants, thank you.
  8. If you dream of being the dorky scientist from an action movie that creates a destructive invention, you could do worse than apply for Amazon's vague job for a “new-to-world smart-home product” developer (hint: you're making a death ray, probably.)
  9. We're contacting aliens, yet again. This time, we're going to let them get the jump on us: we're broadcasting the location of Earth and our DNA. Does nobody in the cosmologist community know about online safety?
  10. Some hospitals are using Moxi: a six-foot tall robot nurse that helps to ferry supplies around for burnt out and busy staff. Come on, man – did we not just talk about how we don't want droid-based feelings up in our space?
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🎤 It’s How They Said It

"…Most of the disorder and dysfunction in the world is caused by lack of impulse control…" Dr. Andrew Huberman

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🧮 The numbers game

  • There's been a 33% increase in electric car charging ports in the UK since April 2021.
  • Netflix has seen a 35.1% drop in its share price after losing over 200,000 subscribers in total from the last quarter.
  • $46.5 billion: The amount of funding Elon Musk has to buy up Twitter Inc., including over $33 billion of his own money.
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