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💠 Holograms and AI cloning are taking baby steps to replace traditional ways of doing things

📺 Streaming services will do what they promised to never do: display ads

🌱 Flowering weed seeds can sprout and grow in lunar soil

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📰 From the Newsroom

⛓️ Ten Must See Links of the Month

  1. What's the deal with gas prices? Yep, going to fill up at the nearest gas station is totally crazy now. But why am I even mentioning this? Well, we've seen a number of interesting publications on the topic, and this infographic-like-blog-post might just be one of the best takes out there. Here's why gas prices are so high - 18 questions answered! ⛽
  2. Have you heard about this social media network that's been getting a ton of attention lately? It's an app that encourages you to be real online, not perfect and happy like people always look in their posts. Have you ever heard of anything less appealing? 🤣
  3. This cool experiment on planting flower seeds in moon soil might turn out to be a huge leap toward life outside Earth. The seeds sprouted and grew normally, as they would in Earth soil. 🌕
  4. If you're currently in Japan and happen to be working on a new piece of writing (being a book, a blog post, or whatever else), be careful going to this cafe, as they might not let you leave until you meet your deadline.
  5. This website shows you a random street view from anywhere in the world. 🌍
  6. An avid fan of history or not, you will probably enjoy this little game where you have to arrange various cards with historical moments in chronological order. My best streak so far is nine.
  7. If the game from above is starting to grow on you, and you feel like cheating a bit, check this amazing wiki with a timeline of the human condition - from the Big Bang to today. All the important achievements of mankind are here.
  8. Playing Super Mario back in the 2000s used to be a luxury. Now, you can just enter this site and play. Even more outrageous, you can jump to any level you want without having to complete the previous ones. 🎮
  9. One day, AI will be fully integrated into our lives in everything we do. Until then, we can watch it slowly taking over many fields and jobs. For instance, detectives are using AI to catch serial killers by deepfaking the murder victims.
  10. Introducing Oceanix Busan, the world's first floating city! South Korea published the plans on building a self-sustainable community in Busan entirely on water. Constructions have not begun yet, but read this post to learn about their futuristic architectural ideas. 🌊
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🎤 It’s How They Said It

"Most people don't care what you say or do, most of the time. This should be liberating." Mark Manson

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🧮 The numbers game

Not necessarily tech, just some nice trivia about age:

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