Welcome to this awesomely amazing edition of BizarroDevs. For this month, we've got some stories that not-too-long-ago would've felt like they were pulled out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. As the saying goes though, the future is now! And it seems to be rapidly evolving in the direction of an AI takeover - not necessarily in a scary, dystopian way, but in a way where it is going to become an increasingly growing presence in our day-to-day lives. Without further ado, this month's focus stories are:

  • Who is "Ms." Tang Yu? Meet the new CEO of China's NetDragon Websoft.
  • Inside the world of coders who've automated their jobs and get paid to do virtually nothing.
  • Software engineering as it exists today will be as outdated as a floppy disk.


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From the Newsroom

儭 Ten Must See Links of the Month

  1. AI is not only being promoted to CEO positions, it has now entered the political arena as well. The Synthetic Party of Denmark is being led by an AI-powered chatbot named Leader Lars.
  2. Facebook parent company, Meta, is getting set to test user's tolerance to their invasion of privacy on an unprecedented level. In preparation for what they believe will eventually become a large scale adoption of its metaverse and the gadgets that accompany it, Meta has updated its privacy policy. The new version includes an Eye Tracking Privacy Notice and says that it will use eye-tracking data to help Meta personalize your experiences."
  3. If you're not in 3D, are you even there? Google's been busy working on a 3D version of video chatting that makes the standard Zoom call seem boring in comparison. It's called Project Starline, and Google has already rolled out a beta version in several corporate office locations.
  4. If you were impressed by DALL-E 2, the AI-powered image generator, then Google's Imagen is going to blow your mind. It's a similar concept to DALL-E 2, but instead of generating merely still images, Imagen is able to generate video clips of whatever you tell it to. Unlike DALL-E 2 though, it's not yet available for public use.
  5. Scientists have recently used microbots made from algae cells that were covered with antibiotic nanoparticles to clear out pneumonia microbes in the lungs of mice. The mice treated with the algae bots were all cured, whereas the mice in the control group all died within three days.
  6. A UK-based clothing company named Vollebak has invented a prototype "invisibility cloak" that makes the wearer completely invisible to any sort of infrared vision. Maybe not that exciting for the average person, but apart from its potential military use, it's a pre-cursor for creating actual invisibility cloaks.
  7. Ever wanted to live on the ocean? A Panama-based company named Ocean Builders has revealed that they are building a fleet of "revolutionary living pods" that will allow you to, quite literally, live "on the ocean" - or maybe right above it if we're being technical.
  8. Podcasting is all the rage these days. It seems like everyone and their mama wants to be the next Joe Rogan. If you've recently been giving it some thought yourself and you're still in the beginning stages, check out the four best website builders for podcasts.
  9. Although a good segment of BizarroDevs readers are web developers, we know that not all of you are. However, if you've been toying around with the idea of possibly learning how to code, then you should definitely check out these ten resources - many of them are free!
  10. Taking jibes at people for "doing their own research" by using "Doctor Google" might no longer be a valid high ground to stand from, thanks to Consensus. Consensus is a search engine that uses AI to instantly extract, aggregate, and distill findings directly from scientific research. Read more about how it works here.
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Its How They Said It

"Seek success, but prepare for vegetables. - Inspirobot (an AI-powered inspirational quote generator)

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妙 The numbers game

  • Under 6 hours is how long it took for a Google developed AI software to create computer chips that would take humans months to do. Talk about efficiency!
  • 15.7 trillion is the amount in USD that experts predict will be contributed to the global economy by AI technologies, by the year 2030.
  • 71 is how many times per day, on average, millennials unlocked their smartphones in 2021. This is compared to generation Z, who unlocked theirs an average of 82 times per day.
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儭 Tools and Resources

Lucide is an aesthetic, open-source icon library for displaying icons and symbols in digital and non digital projects. It contains over 500+ Vector (svg) files. Lucide provides several official packages to make it easier to integrate them into projects. Check them out on Github as well.

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