Welcome to another gnarly edition of Bizarro Devs. Hopefully you've been able to reflect back on all that you've accomplished in 2022. If there's a project or something that you really wanted to scratch off of your list before the year is over, you still have until the end of the month to make it happen.

In the meantime though, set all that aside and spend a few minutes with us, as we bring you the latest offerings from the wonderful world of technology.

  • ⚰️ In the future, we may attend our own funerals - Ms. Marina Smith already has.
  • 🕵️‍♀️ The rise and fall of cybercrime's enemy number one - the notorious Alpha02.
  • 🛑 Is DuckDuckGo's new App Tracking Protection feature a privacy game changer?

With that said, let's get into it!

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📰 From the Newsroom

⛓️ Ten Must See Links of the Month

  1. Enter the bizarre world of the Longevity Investors Conference. A two-day event with a $4,500 entrance fee, and a requirement to be willing to invest at least a million dollars into a longevity project. So was it all pseudoscience and hype, or will the ultra-wealthy soon have legitimate access to a fountain of youth?
  2. South Korean company LG announced that they've developed a stretchable display that can be elongated by 20%. The full-color display supports 100 pixels per inch (ppi) resolution and can be extended from 12-inch in size to 14-inch.
  3. A new cancer treatment that trains the patient's own immune system to attack tumor cells has been developed and shown to be successful in human cancer patients.
  4. On multiple levels, the net is fragmenting into separate domains that are no longer able or willing to connect. This fragmentation – sometimes referred to as the "Splinternet"– is happening along geopolitical lines, pointing to a potential future where global connectivity is not so global anymore, but separated by digital iron curtains set up by rivaling great powers – with the US, the EU, China, and Russia being the primary actors.
  5. Facebook's like button is one of the most successful pieces of code ever written. Read the inside story of how and why this relatively simple feature was created, and how nobody expected it to have the impact that it went on to have.
  6. Colossal is the world's first “de-extinction” company, and it has big plans to bring back the wooly mammoth using DNA technology and a surrogate mother from a related species.
  7. Rome is an ambitious project aiming to unify the dozens of frontend language tools into a single easy-to-use tool built from scratch. It's full of useful features like formatting and linting, with even more coming soon.
  8. External hard drives are sooo last year. The new way of storing data? DNA. That's right, scientists have figured out how to store data using DNA, and it turns out that DNA can store a massive amount of data in a tiny physical space.
  9. If you work with digital content, you may have heard of “scrollytelling.” However, this engaging design practice is relatively new. Fortunately, scrollytelling is pretty straightforward, and all sorts of site owners can use it to grab their users' attention.
  10. Have you been looking for remote work, but struggling with finding the right job boards? Check out this list of 21 job boards that are focused on remote work.
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🎤 It’s How They Said It

"How do you make a small fortune in social media? Start out with a large one.”
- Elon Musk (proud new owner of Twitter)

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🧮 The numbers game

  • 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 isn't just some really long number. In November, this number was given a precise name, along with several others that you will probably never use. It was the first time since 1991 that scientists approved the expansion of the prefixes used in the global measurement system (i.e., the metric system).
  • Over 20,000 is the number of recent new hires that quit their jobs with Foxconn, the China-based company responsible for Apple's iPhone production. As a result, November's production of premium iPhone models, including the iPhone 14 Pro, was significantly reduced.
  • More than 2,000,000 is the number of new users per day that Twitter has been adding as of November 16th. That's based on the previous seven days, prior to that date - according to Elon Musk. Also according to Mr. Musk, daily signups are up by 66% compared to the same time last year.
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⚒️ Tools and Resources

Over 400 popular open source alternatives to proprietary SaaS exist, and you can find them all on opensourcealternative.to.

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