IRL this week, everywhere, will be about Zuck's shucks, so I steered clear of his shenanigans. However, I do have a tangential connection with a study on why the internets transforms people into trolls.

At long last the proof that robots make better lawyers than waiters. Submit your jokes here.

Some cool architecture with floating islands and forest like apartments. Another newsletter of the week, this week for awesome UI animations. A bunch of cool things for web builders. Spoiler alert: Pac-Man, JS, and VR.

We'll wrap it all up with some video game stuff. Not at all inspired by my desire for a new gaming machine. Not at all.

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📰 Newsletter of the Week

🤖 Robots et. al.

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🙃 Backwards talking dreams - Fun stuff


And that just about wraps 'er up. I still have a bunch of links in the queue, so drop by @bizarrodevs on Twitter if you'd like to see more.

Forwards and tweets give me Pac-Man energy, so go hog wild.

While I am waiting for the week to pass I will determine what is simpler than laymen's terms.

Stay frosty,


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