It's been a great week for the robots. With huge developments coming out of China and Japan we can say that the center of tasty robots links has shifted.

After 25 years we have a new JPEG format; finally. JPEG XS is faster, simpler, and open-source. πŸ€—

I also found 4 fabulous font links. There's something for everyone, even if you don't like fonts (hint: the showcase is for you guys).

Remember Super Mario? He's back but this time he got no physics.

Now, I clocked Super Mario back in the day, but I got nowhere with this game.

Finally, I am really excited about three new podcasts from Gimlet. The pick of the three is The Habitat which starts tomorrow (18th April). It's the true story of six volunteers picked to live on a fake planet.

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Oh boy. What a week.

I have a few more links in the queue that weren't right for this week, but I will punch them out via Twitter. Like the best Zuck memes from the past week.

As always forwarding is cool and tweeting is fun.

Stay awesome,


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