This week I tried spreading my tech wings wider. I found some...interesting applications of technology.

I finally have enough odd websites to share, so it's time to get them out of the queue.

Also, there's some cool tools for devs, UX designers, and marketers. I stumbled across some inspiring lessons about leadership, get it in ya.

WordPress will be 15 this year, so I brought the category back to celebrate.

At the end, I have some pretty sweet videos and trippy sporting images.

Trivia: Who invented the word "robot"?


πŸ“° From the Newsroom

πŸ•ΈοΈ The Cool Side of the Web

πŸ”– Nice work if you can get it


Trivia: Josef Čapek invented the term "robot". But his brother, Karel, usually gets the credit. In a great gesture of brotherly love Karel wrote articles clearing up the etymology. Nice one bruv.

That's me done for the week, don't stop a-rockin'



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