Guess who just got back today. Them wild-eyed bots that had been away.

The bot-ification of society is really gathering pace. ...And, it isn't disturbing at all.

Good news for anyone that wants to be Krang from TMNT. We have the technology...almost.

Based on this week's evidence web culture is amazing. It's not all kittens and hilarious memes.

A mixed bag of tools for designers, developers, beginners, and bloggers.

We'll wrap it all up with some of the best articles for the web builders.

First some tasty trivia:

Who was the English physicist who served as director of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) during the Second World War? He famously refused to publish Turing's "Intelligent Machinery".


📰 From the Newsroom

🕸️ The Cool Side of the Web

🤖 Robots et. al.

🕷️ Design & Development Arena

🥇 World of WordPress



Sir Charles Galton Darwin (grandson of the big guy. Which makes me wonder if being a physicist is an evolutionary leap from being a biologist).

Another week filed away like the Ark of the Covenant (which makes me Indiana Jones). The 1st of May is a pretty big holiday in Europe, so I will be spending the rest of the day at the grill.

If you bring the noise, then I'll bring the funk,


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