After a week of fighting a particularly nasty virus, and traveling in Ubers with ... samples for analysis it's great to be back.

The best of what I browsed from my sick bed is here for your enjoyment.

Have fun,

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And, with that we say goodbye. I need to squeeze some noir stuff in...

"You know what he’ll do when he comes back? Beat my teeth out, then tweet me some links for the newsletter."

"You like forwarding. You’ve got a great big send button there where most people just have a heart."

"You know how to subscribe, don’t you Steve? You just click here, and…sign up."

I could have tried to force the line from Casablanca in there at the end. But...is it noir? I seem to remember it being a controversial subject and who wants to go down that road at the end of a newsletter? Not I.

That's all the links I have for ye,

Have a great week,


Bizarro Devs