How can you go wrong with puppies? It was National Puppy Day on the 23rd and puppies are definitely the heroes we need right now, right then, and right later. I defied ethics and good sense to include a link at the bottom when it should really be at the top.

There's beautiful code with van Gogh in WebGL, gorgeous ethical guides to design, Nvidia latest attempt to ruin finger painting. You will also notice that I sneaked in a little job we're offering for a new Product Manager.

Now...who's ready for puppies?


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That's another week wrapped up.

If you have click bait, then you know where to tweet 'em.

If you would like me to help you with a job, then bribery is accepted in forwards. Forward away and the bribe is paid.

If you received this via a forward, then drop by the sign-up desk at your leisure.

That's it for another week; I will be back with more in T minus 7 days.



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