This week granted me another collection of interesting fakes; I'm not sure it is ethical to celebrate deepfakes with such enthusiasm but the idea of turning your cat into a Dalmation is pretty appealing. Revenge is petty but satisfying.

I also found a pretty cool list of, simple, CSS-Tricks which reminded that it is still kind of cool to play with. You don't have to be trendy and learn-hate JS all the time.

I am sharing one the better Deep Work guides I have read this year, a long report on how tech can be used for good (it seems we've forgotten all about that), and a wrestling game in CSS, HTML, JS.



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That's it for the week.

If you find any interesting fakes, then hurl them at me on Twitter.

We all have a cocky friend who claims they can never be fooled by a fake Joe Rogan. Forward them this email and finally put them to the test.

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That's all for this week; have a good one,


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