I missed a week while I traveled to Berlin for WordCamp Europe. Back this week with a bunch, fewer than usual, a cool links for you. Talking to a modern neural network was easily the best way I wasted time last week. However, things did get crazy fast, so be careful who's reading over your shoulder.

I am including a quick link at the top. I just started using the meditation app Waking Up with Sam Harris. It has been really good in learning mindfulness. I can't recommend it enough.



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How many algorithms does it take to screw up a business?

I am reading 'Thinking, Fast and Slow" and I am at the point where expert opinion and algorithms are being directly compared. *Listen to the algorithms seems like counter-intuitive advice but that's because I read these articles about small business and the bizness of algorithms and advertising.

The problem of experts gaming algorithms gets a good run in this article about a chef who'd had enough of being Yelped upon. It has all the shady business practices we have come to expect from internet advertising.

Now, the flipside of featured snippets and a business owner who lost traffic to, what I think, is an awesome feature. I love the quick answer, particularly for recipes, simply because it saves me from scanning an entire page for the snippet I need. However, how the answers come to be seen as 'correct' is slightly more troublesome.

Finally, Nancy Drew and The Red-Handed Lyric Thief. Apparently Google has been stealing lyrics from Genius. In a move, you'd expect from a site called Genius, Morse Code was put into the lyrics to try and catch the algorithms out.

Algorithms caught. Algorithms don't care.

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That's the end of the week for me and it's only Thursday.

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