Let's celebrate love.

I have some controversial thoughts to add to the Logan Paul thing...I watched his early Vines and they aren't bad.

However, I'd always recommend WInamp as a nostalgic drug of choice. It's back. In JavaScript form. But still has the 'easy to wipe a carefully curated playlist' feature.

Possibly the hardest thing about love is finding the right words to express everything; the good news is that neural networks can be trained to give you the best options. Me love have.

Finally, after years of dominance, Facebook has had a rough couple of years. Fake news, unwitting election rigger and content woes are all covered in Wired's story.

Bizarro Devs  


Outro ๐ŸŽค

That's another week of techie gossip and strangeness. Feel free to forward this to anyone who might need a break from the Winter Olympics.

Your best friend, Chris