This week in weird and wonderful tech: deep fakes go mainstream, Russia cuts itself off from the internet and casting pears before satellites.

We have a bunch of must-read links from all over the web including tips for deep focus, seventy years of NBA stats in one visualization, Hummers, and a grumpy website that calls out all the annoying things on the internet.



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Ten Must See Links From Around The Web

  1. An amazing data visualization of seventy years of the NBA.
  2. If mansplaining was a car, then it would be a Hummer. How did that car ever become so popular? The full story explained here.
  3. Music for programming is a site with the best music for intense concentration. It also happens to look great.
  4. How to run a great all-hands meeting without saying "beer me".
  5. Stay focused at work using deep work methods.
  6. What can you expect from Drupal 9?
  7. Grumpy website is for anything tech that grinds your gears.
  8. 8MB flash, boots in 6 seconds. A business card that runs Linux.
  9. Use generative art as placeholders. It even provides eight different styles ranging from art through Commodore 64 art program to Joy Division.
  10. Use your free time wisely; the most valuable things you can learn in an hour.
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