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This week, we have the first living robots ever created, the big business of synthetic images, and the best and worst of CES.



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The Ten Must See Links Of The Week

  1. Best dual-axis illusion of 2019.
  2. Famous logos reimagined by expert designers.
  3. This was the best take on CES. It covers all the weird stuff but with a dystopian or utopian twist for each item.
  4. How the dark arts of PR have gotten darker in the age of misinformation.
  5. Some of the weird secret surveillance tech available to the police.
  6. A teenager discovered a new planet while on a NASA internship.
  7. Digital reproductions from Paris Museum Collections now available for download.
  8. Prewritten emails for a range of different needs.
  9. Eschersketch is a tool for having fun with symmetrical patterns.
  10. Bots are destroying political discourse as we know it.
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