It seems the New Year optimism has passed, in record time too. This week's grab bag has a bunch of Evil stuff for you to consider. We've got everything dystopian, from the facial recognition app powering law enforcement (and scraping tonnes of collateral data) through a list of the most evil companies to research that proves your cat would eat you if given the opportunity.

On the other hand, there is a website that generates haikus based on map data. So, not all bad.



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The Ten Must See Links Of The Week

  1. A website that writes haikus based on map locations (North America only it seems).
  2. The definitive list of evil companies.
  3. A database of words that can't be translated.
  4. Avoid meetings with Look Busy. This app will fill your calendar with fake, but realistic looking, events so you can work in peace.
  5. No-BS games has a list of ad-free, no in-app purchase games for Android and iOS.
  6. Does your business really need a new website in 2020?
  7. Your cat would definitely eat your corpse.
  8. Most make money on Fiverr articles are poor. However, this in-depth article is legit. It covers everything you need to know about making scratch on the competitive platform.
  9. As an Australian, I am permitted a certain number of green articles a week. If you're running a website, consider a green web host.
  10. Disco Task helps you break large tasks down into manageable chunks.
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